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Social Media Marketing Basics

Adopting social media marketing strategies is nothing but adding missing pieces to your customer acquisition policy in today’s scroll-and-click web landscape. For yesteryears, social media platforms have become significant sources of promoting news, stories, and information for businesses. Moreover, the presence on social media platforms becomes more vital for businesses to maintain higher ranks on SERPs and boost digital marketing campaigns. 

Statistics confirm that 61.4 percent of the global population (4.95 billion) uses social media platforms with 155 million new social media users counted in the year 2023. Knowing the fact that social media marketing influences businesses these days, contacting a social media marketing expert in the USA, Digital Kasturi sounds like a smart move for sure. 

While the latest available data says that social media users spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media platforms and do multi-networking across 6 to 7 social media platforms and messaging apps, businesses who have not considered the power of social media marketing yet should reconsider it immediately to survive the competition.

To understand and learn the full potential of social media marketing and how it pushes your business forward, helps you reach target demographics, and creates brand awareness, contact Digital Kasturi, your social media marketing specialist in the USA right now.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is an effective online marketing process. It utilized a plethora of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more to establish brand awareness, captivate customers’ attention, and connect with diverse brands and segments of audiences faster than conventional marketing mediums. Social media marketing is truly a useful tool for small businesses and enterprises to gain opportunities right on social media platforms where 61.4 percent of the global population spends time and support brand engagement.

Digital Kasturi, the social media marketing specialist in the USA is right here with data-driven social media marketing plans that make your business experience remarkable outcomes turning customers into your brand promoters.

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What's the Difference Between Social Media and Digital Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is just a portion of Digital Marketing. While most people use digital marketing and social media marketing interchangeably, they are making mistakes. So, to abolish the misconception, Digital Kasturi, the social media marketing specialist in the USA likes to shed light on it. Let’s decipher the real difference between digital marketing and social media marketing and how a business can leverage these marketing tactics to expand.

Digital marketing is an all-inclusive marketing strategy that utilizes online and offline marketing tactics to promote businesses including services and products to increase profitability. Tactics and channels comprised in the digital marketing journey include SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

However, social media marketing is one of the many elements of digital marketing and it employs various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on to create a robust online presence for businesses. Through, social media marketing, a business can reach its audiences, and interact with new and potential consumers at ease and pace.

As an industry-leading social media marketing specialist in the USA , we, Digital Kasturi recommend all businesses leverage other online marketing tactics along with social media marketing to attain success that sustains for the long run.

Is Social Media and Digital Marketing Important for Businesses?

A very popular question asked by businesses and the answer is always the same. It is a BIG YES. Digital marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand to guarantee and establish online success. When both marketing strategies focus on boosting brand awareness and driving revenue; they vary from each other in strategic and action areas.
The combined efforts of social media and digital marketing help businesses speed up creating brand awareness among target audiences and convert audiences into potential customers. Take digital marketing as a way to go beyond the online noise and publicize your business to the target audience. And, utilize the power of social media marketing services to build a potential online community for your business right after your business starts to get found among the online crowd.

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So, get ready to have a digital and social media marketing mix from Digital Kasturi, the social media marketing agency USA, and convey your brand message to the right customers with a robust online presence followed by your business objectives.

What advantages do Social Media Marketing Services offer?

No matter what your business type, size, and age is; social media marketing services come up with an array of advantages. From start-ups to established businesses – everyone reaps benefits once they choose the right social media marketing company. If you still are in a fix to decide to invest in social media marketing services or not, you need to read the key benefits of having a social media marketing package to make a wise decision.

Better Online Exposure

Presently, social media marketing services have been utilized by big gun companies and brands to establish a powerful online presence. Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter (Presently X), and Instagram broadly assist in increasing online exposure to potential customers in quantum leaps. With customized and business-centric social media content marketing strategies, you will be able to engage more customers, build community, and run conversations with more shares, likes, comments, and social signals.

High Search Rankings

Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more incorporate social media profile updates, likes, shares, comments, and tweets, into their search engine result pages. This movement recognizes the importance of community interactions and how a business maintains communication with its clients through social media channels. The more your social media profiles get engaged with traffic, the more your website ranks faster and better on SERPs. Isn't it great?

Audience Targeting

Specific Audience Targeting

No quality content is worth value until and unless it reaches the right audience. Social media marketers at Digital Kasturi, the top social media marketing company in USA assist you in specifying and categorizing the potential customers for your business by age, gender, location, and online activities. Our social media marketing experts design and publish content and ads based on your business domain and engage customers that your business targets to increase sales.

Improved Customer Reach

Robust Brand Awareness

According to a reliable source, nearly 54% of users rely on social media platforms to research products before purchase. Henceforth, 71% of consumers who underwent a good social media service experience with brands recommend the same to others. Thus, the stronger and more effective social media strategy you have for your enterprise, the easier you can create a robust brand awareness, and establish your business to a maximum number of potential customers.

improve brand control

Multi-Faceted Marketing Options

With our social media marketing package you can promote your business on different social media channels including WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Tumblr, Snapchat, and obviously on major social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram. Our social media marketing experts do in-depth research to identify and understand which social media marketing platform does the best for your business based on customers’ reviews, audience engagement, and competitors’ behaviors, and discover the most appropriate technique to take your business to the top of SERPs.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Enhanced Customer Trust

Once you understand how social media marketing works, you can successfully able to build influential and deep connections with your followers. Digital Kasturi, your trusted social media marketing company produces and shares insightful, informative, and valuable content on your behalf in social media channels, engages customers, and keeps your customers informed about current events of your business. We utilize the power of social media video marketing to showcase what your customers say about your business and to establish a strong brand visibility and validity. These tactics help build a strong bond with your followers.

Start your social media marketing campaign today.

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How to Promote on Social Media

You cannot take your brand to the top overnight. We all know that Roam was not built in a day. Hence, your social media marketing idea and content should be creative rather than calculative. We, Digital Kasturi, the best social media marketing company assist brands and businesses with fully customized social media marketing ideas, content, and strategies and position our client’s business at the peak of social recognition at pace.

You will find us at every step of social media marketing services with the right social media promotion strategy at the right time. Our social media marketing experts identify with the right social media channel and develop business-specific social media content that guarantees the success of your social media marketing campaign.

At Digital Kasturi, our social media marketing experts have gone a long way to collect and connect the best SMM practices to promote your business and brand virtually on different social media channels. Before moving forward, let us look at the Dos and Don’ts of a social media marketing campaign shared by the expert social media marketing consultant at Digital Kasturi.

_Promote on Social Media


  • Run comprehensive market research
  • Find out business-appropriate Social Media Marketing Channel
  • Produce engaging content to engage more followers
  • Connect marketing channels to save time for individual posting
  • Optimize social media pages, partner with industry influences, and, run advertisements for targeted audiences
  • Conduct A/B tests to check the performance of Ad Campaigns
  • Evaluate campaign results and optimize the campaign accordingly


  • Work without a solid SMM plan
  • Following competitors’ plans that do not match your brand’s needs
  • Overselling products/services
  • Measuring wrong metrics
  • Treating all SMM channels the same
  • Using too much automation and cross-posting method
  • Using irrelevant hashtags and buying followers
  • Remain unresponsive in comment sections and threads

It is better to hire a professional Social media marketing agency in USA rather than DIY efforts. Digital Kasturi, the social media marketing consultant of repute is here to improve the presence of your business and brand on social media marketing channels and achieve your goals with all-inclusive SMM plans that bring followers and business.

Social Media Marketing Services for Companies

Earn Votes of Confidence with SMM by Digital Kasturi

The social media marketing services should be aligned with your growing and ever-evolving online community to stay ahead of the competition. No matter what your demand is from a Social Media Marketing Campaign including followers, likes, shares, comments, and/or revenue; social media marketing consultants at Digital Kasturi will get you covered.

Our social media marketing experts employ real-time experience and proven tactics to run an effective social media marketing campaign that derives results and revenue. Without regard to your business niche and size, our social media marketing company designs and implements an SMM strategy that takes your brand to the peak of popularity and recognition. It is guaranteed.

Social Media Management

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management is an important piece of the puzzle of social media marketing plans. From creating and publishing post content to monitoring and analyzing the customers’ engagement, navigating the community of customers and influencers to reporting and analyzing campaign results – everything comes under the radar of Social Media management. We, Digital Kasturi, a trusted social media marketing agency in the USA employ an array of social media marketing tools and platforms to grow your social media community with a robust social media presence and responses. 

It is beyond essential to stay ahead of competitors when every day new brands and businesses enter social media channels and try one and another way to outrank rivals. Once you hire an experienced social media marketing company like Digital Kasturi, you can easily maintain social media management tasks that are as follows.

  • Unified brand establishment 
  • Reduce business expenses 
  • Take rein in your social media community 
  • Tracking and monitoring the progress of the social media campaign
  • Building up better community relationships 
  • Increase reach to your audiences 

Contact Digital Kasturi, a professional social media management firm in the USA, and unleash your brand’s potential with the latest social media marketing tips and tactics to accomplish your business goals. Our marketing experts plan the best social media marketing campaign that pushes your business and brand to the top in the social media terrain. 

What is Social Media Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Organic reach and traffic are essential to growing business online. However, sometimes many posts go unnoticed despite solid optimizations. Then, paid ads become the only tool to get your unnoticed posts noticed by your potential audience.  With the ongoing updation of social media algorithms, it becomes more challenging for businesses and brands to reach out to target audiences and attain success with organic social media marketing strategies alone. And, here come the social media advertising services at your rescue. Once you work with the right social media advertising company, you can easily see results with social media marketing campaigns on various social media marketing channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Social Media Advertising

At Digital Kasturi, we fuel your social media marketing efforts with a mix of social media advertising tactics. Our social media marketing experts place ads on social media marketing platforms and boost your brand followed by immense responses from your target audiences. Hire us and let your brand come in contact with highly targeted audiences with smart and prompt social media advertising services and ensure a maximum return on your investment. We will place your brand in the frontline and connect it to the right customers at the right time and right social media platform. 

Create a Dedicated Community of Loyal Customers and Outpace The Competition.

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Management of Social Media Brand

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing social media marketing landscape, establishing your brand to potential customers is not an easy nut to break. Building a brand becomes more complicated on social media platforms if your social media marketing service lacks the right tools and techniques. Thus far, instead of letting it happen to your company, hire a social media marketing company that develops and delivers the right social media brand management services and gets your business engaged with the right audiences on social media marketing channels.    

At Digital Kasturi, we deliver social media brand management services to our clients that are truly aligned with their crowd culture and brand images. Our social media marketers determine your crowd culture and devise the best possible way to present and connect your brand with the right audience. The steps we follow to ensure a result-driven social media brand management process are 

  • Auditing of social media profiles
  • Ensuring your brand logo, images, and social media posts meet the branding guidelines
  • Participation in social discussions and responding to the same maintain your brand tone and persona
  • Monitoring and measuring the impact of brand management

We are here to build your brand identity and convert your audiences into brand advocates with a loyal and lasting online community.

Social Media Marketing Services

Optimize, improvise, and revive your social media marketing campaign to magnet more target audiences and more sales with social media marketing services by Digital Kasturi, the best social media marketing agency in the USA so far. Whether you want to grow your reach, likes, and follows on social media platforms, or you are looking for an effective way to land more visitors on your site for more leads and conversions, contact our social media marketing consultant at Digital Kasturi at your earliest.

Don’t just be the like or follow magnet; but be the game changer on social media marketing channels and befit your sales funnels with a fully customized SMM package delivered by an SMM agency of experience and expertise in the USA, Digital Kasturi. Our social media marketing experts not only bring your likes and follows to your brand profile but also help develop an SMM campaign that generates revenue and new customers.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

With the move and tendency to proclaim the power of digitalization, conventional marketing methods have stopped receiving the importance they used to receive in yesteryears from businesses worldwide. The reason why, companies irrespective of size, niche, and age tend to count on social media marketing services to establish their presence and image on social media marketing platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. At this juncture, if you are thinking of promoting your business through social media platforms, Digital Kasturi, the top-notch social media marketing company in USA is here to help.

Our social media marketing specialists assist you to enter into the social market, absorbing new opportunities through potential customers with more leads and conversions. Let us develop the best social media marketing strategy for your business and be the winner in this social media marketing game. Social media marketing channels we use to bring your business upfront online are,


Facebook Marketing

One of the best social media marketing platforms at your fingertips is Facebook. We promote the businesses of our clients here aligned with their budget. At Digital Kasturi, our social media marketing consultants showcase your business here managing your profile, optimizing Facebook ads, and posting content that channels traffic to your website and establishes robust brand authority.

Twitter Marketing

We incorporate Twitter Marketing in our social media marketing services. Being a top and reliable social media marketing agency in the USA, we advise our clients to invest in Twitter marketing and to see the brand grow. Contact us to have a fully optimized Twitter social media marketing plan that suits your business objectives and generates traffic for your business.

Instagram Marketing

On Instagram get connected with more potential customers, build a community, and establish your brand stronger than before. Our Instagram marketing experts optimize your business profile, launch sponsored ads, post regular images, and make reels, and traffic-worthy content that narrates your brand story loudly and magnets minds. Sign us up to take care of your Instagram marketing campaign and experience a change in traffic and revenue.


LinkedIn Marketing

Establish a powerful and professional recognition in the LinkedIn platform with tailored LinkedIn Marketing services by Digital Kasturi, the best social marketing specialist in the USA. We stand your brand and service out in the LinkedIn crowd with a fully optimized marketing strategy followed by LinkedIn company page management, valuable marketing post creation, and connecting your business/brand with industry leaders.


YouTube Marketing

According to statistics, above 90% of online shoppers find brands through YouTube marketing videos. It's your time to increase your reach to your audience with YouTube marketing strategies and compel your customers to take action. Our YouTube marketing team will identify your target audience, enhance your YouTube video qualities, and craft YouTube marketing content that links your ideal customers to your brand and business.


Pinterest Marketing

At Digital Kasturi, our social media marketing specialists design and implement the best Pinterest marketing strategy that converts browsers into loyal customers. We make sure, each of your pins is fully categorized with proper images and texts, descriptions are keyword optimized, and convincing enough with powerful CTAs. Besides, our Pinterest marketing experts track Pinterest analytics to understand its progress and find ways to boost the campaign as well.

Why Choose Digital Kasturi for Your Social Media Marketing

Transparent, budget-worthy, business-centric, and fully result-driven – these are the most common features of social media marketing services provided by Digital Kasturi, a highly reliable social media marketing agency in the United States. We have been in the social media marketing realm for more than 10 years. So far, we have assisted numberless brands, companies, and organizations to acquire recognition in the social media marketing channels with all our efforts and proven strategies. If you are still in the fix, please read a bit more about why you should hand over your social media marketing responsibility to us.

Here are more reasons you should pay attention to your paid social media campaigns:

Dedicated Account Managers

At Digital Kasturi, we assign specific social media marketing specialists aligned to your needs. Our SMM managers design social media marketing strategies according to your needs, and objectives. Work with us to get our entire social media marketing experts on board. Reach out to your dedicated SMM manager via email or phone anytime.

Extensive Onboarding Process

Receive a comprehensive social media marketing strategy with a roadmap during your SMM campaign inception at Digital Kasturi. This way, you will remain aware of the tactics we employ to achieve your SMM goals. Besides, we keep you posted about the campaign metrics from the very beginning to ensure how we are working.

Bespoke SMM Strategy

Boost your social media profiles and drive traffic to your business site with a social media marketing strategy befitting your needs and budget. Experience higher engagement in identifying your target audience, utilizing analytics, data-tracking tools, and niche-relevant topics curated with specific keywords, and drive more sales with our social media marketing experts at Digital Kasturi.

Social Media Campaign Monitoring & Reporting

Our social media marketing service is aligned with campaign monitoring and reporting. This way, we can understand how the SMM strategies are working for you, measure the campaign progress, and add changes to the campaign strategies to bring desired results. We maintain a monthly breakdown of social media tasks to keep a pulse on the performance and monitor ROI.

Paid & Organic SMM Strategies

Our social media marketing experts combine paid and organic SMM strategies followed by years of experience and expertise to bring you results aligned with your investment. Once you hire Digital Kasturi, rest assured to have the best and dynamic social media marketing strategies that maximize conversions and widen your exposure online.

Multifaceted Marketing Experience

We have experience in handling different types of social media marketing ventures including B2B, and B2C regardless of niches. Be it your start-up, multi-location company, or enterprise, our social media marketing specialists reap the maximum benefits beyond your expectations. Create a robust social media presence for your brand and online reputation aligned with campaign monitoring, reporting, and adaptions of the latest SMM tactics.

Our SMM Packages

Get your hands on personalized SMM packages from the best social media marketing agency in the USA. If you find the packages available on our site do not fit your budget or objective, contact our social media marketing expert right away. The social media marketing team at Digital Kasturi will be happy to curate the best SMM package based on your business needs, objectives, budget, and target audience.

Standard SMM


Local SMM


Premium SMM


Enterprise SMM


Industries We Serve

At Digital Kasturi, we work with varied industries to boost their business visibility and bring more leads.

For the last 10 years, we have been focusing on building brand images for our clients on prestigious social media marketing platforms and eventually, we have done it with great marks. Our social media marketing team constitutes versatile social media marketing specialists who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in social media marketing services. We serve businesses in the USA irrespective of niche, size, and objectives. Have a look at the list of industries Digital Kasturi, the best social media marketing agency in the USA has served so far.

Healthcare SMM

Bridge the gap between your potential customers and healthcare services through highly effective and bespoke SMM services through social media marketing services Get your business visible with the right branding on SMM channels.

Finance SMM

Leverage your finance business with tried and tested social media marketing strategies and gather higher impressions on social media platforms. Get befitted SMM services at the best price.

Infrastructure SMM

Get noticed by ideal customers in social media marketing channels and let your infrastructure business grow at pace. Our social media marketing specialist is here to accomplish goals effectively.

Business SEO

Business SMM

Bring your services/products to the notice of potential audiences on social media platforms with SMM services by Digital Kasturi, a social media marketing agency of experience and repute.

Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SMM

Establish a stable online presence as a realtor in the USA through social media marketing services by Digital Kasturi, an SMM agency you can trust.

Law-Firm SEO

Law Firm SMM

Avail of bespoke social media marketing services to promote your law firm business on social media platforms and experience increased traffic on your site and footprints in the office.

Photo studio SEO

Photo Studio SMM

Get connected with photo-shoot enthusiasts on social media platforms and grow your photography business with more leads and conversions through the best SMM agency in the USA.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SMM

Grow your e-commerce business with extensive customer reach on social media platforms through comprehensive social media marketing tactics in the USA. Work with a social media marketing expert to experience change.

Roofing SEO

Roofing SMM

Expand your roofing business with result-driven social media marketing packages in the USA. Create a robust presence on social media platforms and get noticed by potential customers from now onwards.

Admin SEO

Admin SMM

Maximize your online presence with fully customized SMM services and get more likes, impressions, and shares with the posts you publish on SMM platforms. Admin SMM services bring changes.

Entertainment SEO

Entertainment SMM

Take your entertainment business and brand in front of your potential customers in social media marketing platforms with the top social media marketing agency and grow it effortlessly.

Automotive SMM

Expand your automotive business through effective social media marketing services by Digital Kasturi. Promote a robust presence on social media channels and get connected with your ideal customers.


Our company has claimed a success rate of over 90% for the SMM services we have provided. 

What is the worth of Using Social Media for My Business?

According to statistics, more than 61.4 percent of the entire global population uses social media platforms and makes their buying decisions from these channels. The reason why, every business needs to get noticed on social media channels for more traffic, leads, sales, and conversions. Your business is not the exception. So, hire one of the best social media marketing specialists and help your business to experience a leap in social media platforms.

Which Social Media Platform is Best for My Business?

The SMM channel which is most preferred by your audience, would be the most preferable channel to sign up for first. It takes time and research to identify which social media marketing channel is best for your business. At Digital Kasturi, we amp up your social media presence with insights related to your audience, their preferences, and the channels they use with a custom social media marketing package. We make sure to design SMM plans that easily befit your business goals aligned with the SMM platform preferred by your audiences.  

How Frequently Should I Post on My Social Media Account?

It counts completely on the platform you have chosen to cater to your social media marketing needs. Each platform is unique to others and their frequency of postings.  Social media marketing consultants at Digital Kasturi know very well which are the best timings, frequencies, and practices of all social media marketing channels. It is always better to hire a professional SMM manager to take care of social media profiles to create better reach and presence. 

What are the Differences between Ads and Posts on Social Media Platforms?

Posts are free to publish on social media marketing channels. However, social media ads are paid initiatives to reach your target audience in minimum time. Ads are known as paid advertising and these are created for target audiences, demographics, and keeping in mind the interest of your audiences to promote your brand in front of definitive customers. When you publish posts on social media platforms, you share information about your business, service, or products with the general public. 

How much does It Cost to Have A social media marketing package in the USA?

The cost of a social media marketing package counts on your demands and needs. A social media marketing agency in the USA generally charges monthly. The charge for social media marketing services starts from $50 per month and it goes up to $500 per month. Depending on the size, niche, scope, and demand of your business, you can choose the best-fitted social media marketing package from Digital Kasturi, an SMM agency at your fingertips.

What Does It Mean with Promoted or Boosted Social Media Posts?

Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook offer you an opportunity to boost your organic posts for a nominal fee and guarantee more views and reach in a limited time. This way, you can boost or promote your posts that are particularly doing well. Such posts are entitled to special offers to get promoted and you can use these posts to increase engagement in setting up more advanced advertisements through the channels. 

How Do I Find a Social Media Marketing Expert?

Google is the best search engine to find your social media marketing expert with no doubts. However, you can go for a local search to find an SMM expert. Like, type social media marketing expert near me or (use a specific location) on Google, and you will end up with the best results. You can also use references/networks to find the same.

Location Wise Social Media Marketing