Learn something about Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-first indexing is a process of indexing and ranking a website by Google which is based on the mobile version over its desktop version. Previously, Google indexing was based on the desktop version. But over time due to an increase in mobile users, Google became updated. Mobile-first does not mean that there is only mobile. It means that mobile is considered as key version of your website. 

What is the 2024 Google update about mobile-first indexing? 

Some key features of the 2024 update are as follows:

  1. Google emphasizes on user experience. Mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, and security, etc have become most integral parts. 
  2. This 2024 Google update plays a very important role in determining your website rankings. 
  3. The 2024 update does content parity between mobile and desktop versions. 
  4. This update emphasizes on structured data as it is very crucial.
  5. 2024 update introduced mobile usability issues on mobile version.

Some strategies to follow after adopting 2024 Google Update

After proper understanding of 2024 Google’s Mobile-first Indexing Update now it’s time to follow some strategies for this mobile version.

  1. As 2024 Update is very sophisticated, now it would be better to optimize content for mobile. Mobile screens don’t offer lengthy headlines, so headlines must be short and more impactful. Along with that, texting is so boring. Therefore, visual content would make mobile users more engaged.  
  2. You can’t deny the relationship between Local SEO and mobile. Mobile users usually search for local businesses and services. Therefore, your business must be up-to-date with accurate information, positive reviews photos, etc. Along with that, Proper NAP consistency should be maintained. 
  3. In Today’s era voice search has become an integral part of rise of digital assistance like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistance. It should be kept in mind that content is made in such a way that it should be picked by voice search very easily. 

This 2024 Google 2024 Update is a significant part that pushes mobile forward.  Therefore, by adopting the above-mentioned strategies you can ensure that your business would be in a new digital platform.

Strategies followed by your Website for Mobile Optimization

When your business is in the digital landscape, now it’s time to prepare your website not only for mobile-friendly but also for optimization for the best mobile experience. Here are some preparations that have to follow:

  1. It is necessary to make a responsive website design ensuring a consistency of user experience across all devices. 
  2. Mobile users always want quick performance for accessing information. So, your site would be speedy and optimized. It includes compressing images without compromising quality, minimizing code size, and reducing redirects. These all can boost up speed of your site.
  3. Data should be structured in such a way that users can understand your content and it ensures your visibility. 


The Mobile-first Indexing in 2024 is very important and you can’t be overstating it. To make a website for mobile optimization, to adopt 2024 Update, businesses need proper consultation. In this case, an SEO consultant Dallas is needed. With SEO consultant Dallas, you can take essential steps to thrive your business in this era.


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