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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful website-building tool that is used across the globe. Over 43.1% of websites are built in this CMS platform worldwide. Among other website-building tools and CMS platforms, the WordPress website is found to be extremely easy to manage by businesses, and user-friendly to users. The original WordPress development team had the vision to create a digital space that could be used freely by users irrespective of purpose, and the team made it in reality.  

Also, the team made sure that the users could enjoy other features including 

  • Free use of WordPress software
  • Flexible extension or modification of WordPress code whenever it is necessary
  • Use of the WordPress codes for commercial purposes with no licensing/authorizing fees

These days, professional WordPress design and development services by many small, big, and medium companies, as well as by individuals frequently for one or another reasons. With WordPress, open-source software, and CMS platform you can power so many spaces, and these are as follows 

  • Websites 
  • Blogs
  • Complex portals
  • Newsroom
  • eCommerce/Online stores
  • Enterprise websites 
  • Virtual applications
  • Membership websites
  • Forums
  • Job boards
  • Accommodation websites 
  • Anything you can draw with your imagination 


In the world of WordPress design and development, themes decide the website’s appearance and plugins ensure functionality. To ensure endless possibilities for your WordPress business website, you need a professional WordPress website design company, and Digital Kasturi is all here to cater to your WordPress site design and development needs. 

Why Your Business Should Opt for WordPress Web Design

It has already been discussed What a WordPress site is what its uses are, and why it is used by more than 61% of CMS website users. Now, it is time to understand what the big benefits are of opting for a WordPress website for your business. Wait a minute. We are not saying that you need to be a WordPress designer or developer to understand the value of building your website on WordPress. Rather if you want to get more sales and desire your website to get found by potential customers, a WordPress web design company works the best for you.
Let’s understand deeply why your business needs a website built in the WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress Web Design Flexibility

No matter what kind of website you want for your business, you will have full freedom and flexibility with the WordPress CMS platform. You can showcase your business in your way to your target customers by hiring a professional WordPress design and development company in the USA. Get a uniquely designed WordPress website for your business and let your business connect with the virtual world.


Easy-to-Use Content Management System

When there is WordPress, you have access to an easy-to-use CMS platform in either way. Once you have your WordPress website developed, you can manage content on your site from the dashboard easily. Feel the commander of your content and publish, modify, or add new information to your site anytime and anywhere with your WordPress site login ID and Password. It is that easy.


Effective WordPress Website Plugins

WordPress website plugins make the job of managing your website easier and quicker. You become the virtual editor of your site with free plugins. Whether you want to add a subscription form, visual slider, comment section, gallery, post archive, or anything else; you can do it with the help of plugins. The cherry on top is the powerful analytics and WordPress SEO tools that come hand with these free plugins.


SEO-Optimized WordPress Web Design

WordPress websites can be SEO-optimized easily due to the availability of SEO plugins. Including targeted keywords in permalinks, meta description, adding slug on posts, and optimizing the images with alt text without any deep technical knowledge is very easy here. Above all, you can have user-friendly WordPress themes and plugins that make your journey in the SEO battle easy and result-driven.

Get Ready for Your Business with WordPress Web Development Company

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Our Latest WordPress Web Design Projects

Our WordPress Development & Design Services

At Digital Kasturi, we provide a broad range of WordPress development services for businesses from various domains. Whether it is a startup, SME, or large enterprise, our professional WordPress design and development experts accelerate your business growth with responsive, feature-rich, and dynamic WordPress solutions befitting your business objects and requirements.

Fully Pro WordPress Design & Development

Incur the Pro WordPress development services in the USA at Digital Kasturi. Our experience enables us to provide fully professional WordPress development services that deliver results. While our designer chooses the best-fitted SEO-friendly WordPress theme, our developer tweaks the codes to make a traffic magnet and a well-functioning website for your business.

wordpress Management

WordPress Management

We build WordPress websites that cater to your satisfaction quotients. We often combine HTML and CSS with our WordPress development services to fill the gaps between technical processes. Our WordPress management services are designed to align your content placement and website customization needs by the WordPress website design and development experts who have industry-specific WordPress management skills.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance Services

To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to manage and maintain your WordPress routinely. Akin to other CMS software, WordPress releases updates, and your website should remain updated for better performance and appearance. Employ our WordPress maintenance services and let your website run smoothly with new effects and functionality. Our WordPress development company backs up your content regularly.

Content Writing

Content Writing

At Digital Kasturi, we provide all-inclusive WordPress development services and content updating is a prime part of it. Our experts publish new content and modify existing content for your blogs, websites, and information pages based on your products and services. Once you get connected with Digital Kasturi, a WordPress development company in the USA, your audiences find you as an insightful and industry-centric content creator.

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO

We work with a full in-house SEO and WordPress SEO team at Digital Kasturi. The reason why, we are an industry leader in providing WordPress development services in the USA. We know, WordPress covers more than 90% SEO needs of its sites. However, it is our responsibility to use the WordPress SEO tools to leverage your site’s performance on SERPs with the right keyword strategy and we do it precisely.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our WordPress website design and development service includes Conversion Rate Optimization strategies. It helps fix friction in your site and ensures maximum tools and plugin usability. Count on us to fill your sales funnel converting visitors into customers by providing a smooth and easy UI and UX to your users. We design and develop WordPress sites that act as your valuable lead-generating tool.

Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO

We make sure your site remains mobile responsive, SEO-optimized, and search engine crawling and indexing worthy. At Digital Kasturi, technical SEO is an important part of WordPress web design and development services. Apart from these, we audit your header tags and URL structures. Alt texts, and sitemap to ensure your website’s performance on SERPs.

Custom web-design

Custom WordPress Website Design

When you are looking for a unique WordPress template and theme for your WordPress site, we are to knock. We provide SEO-friendly WordPress custom themes for our clients. Our WordPress designers work with you to understand your demand and necessity with WordPress site functionality and features. Hire us to use WordPress plugins more effectively or to design a plugin with PHP.

Website Hosting

WordPress Website Audit

Being a responsible and professional WordPress design and development company we know the importance of regular WordPress website audits. We perform it to understand if any software or third-party plugin update, or even if any threat or issue hinders the performance of your site. We offer malware removal services to prevent your site’s compromise. However, we conduct regular scans to maintain your site’s security.

Why Choose a WordPress Web Design Agency

If you want your WordPress website to stand out amid the crowd, hiring a WordPress web design agency is quintessential to your business. At Digital Kasturi, we make your website noticed by your target audience by creating a WordPress website with unique templates and rich functionality.
Here are the benefits you can reap from a professional WordPress design and development services company in the USA.

Scale Your Website with Maximum Efficiency

Don’t take a headache with your site’s performance and rank once a professional WordPress web design company is available to take care of your WordPress website needs. With experience and expertise, a WordPress web developer creates or recreates a website that takes your business top on SERPs. Scale and expand your website to its maximum with a professional WordPress website development company anytime and anywhere.

Custom-Fit Design

Full Control Of Your WordPress Site

Take full control of your website with multilayer support once you hire a professional WordPress web design agency. Take a rein in technicality with a WordPress design and development services company and ensure full ownership of your site and its content with mobile responsiveness, SEO, page speed, and a fast page-loading feature. A smart and responsible WordPress Web design company does all for you.

Worry-Free Management

Let WordPress website design and development experts create a website that befits your business expectations. Next, keep your WordPress site updated with the latest WordPress software and plugin updates, and with time-to-time data backups and security. Professional WordPress web designers and developers test the website’s functionality, and broken links and make improvements in the site’s speed and SEO with worry-free and regular maintenance.

Comprehensive Support

Befitting WordPress Website Design

WordPress web design agency does not end up creating a website only. Rather, it will design a WordPress website that befits your business and represents brand efficiency. A professional WordPress design and development company regularly communicates with you to know the requirements of your business/service/products and updates the site accordingly. To have an ideal WordPress website hire a professional company that brings your dream into reality.

Our Professional WordPress Web Development Process

Come in contact with Digital Kasturi to experience a custom WordPress development process befitting your business needs. Our WordPress website experts in the USA are veterans in developing WordPress websites irrespective of niche and size. Time to have a glance at the WordPress web design and development process we follow for all our clients in the USA, 

Local and Friendly

Website Goal Discovery Meeting

At Digital Kasturi, the top-notch WordPress web design agency, our site design process starts with discovery at the very beginning. Our developers arrange a meeting with you to understand your business goals and target customers to design and develop a WordPress website that fits your business needs swiftly. Our WordPress development service is accessible for existing websites too.

Fast and Mobile-Friendly

Understanding Your Competitors

We will conduct thorough and careful market research to understand the present condition of your business and analyze the position of your competitors’ websites. It would help us identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities while developing or redeveloping a website for your business.

Flexible and Extensible

Finalizing a Plan

We will discuss all your WordPress website needs with our team of developers and draft the best plan accordingly. Next, we send the project outline (wireframes) to you, and upon your approval, we will go to the next phase of website design and development. If it is for your existing WordPress site, we follow the same process here.


Custom WordPress Web Development

Web developers at Digital Kasturi are well-acclaimed providing professional WordPress design and development services that ensure higher traffic, long-term visitor engagement, and increased conversion rate. Whether your requirement is small or big; we can cater to WordPress web development needs with utmost dedication and up-to-the-minute techniques that bring you results.


Flexible WordPress Web Development

Digital Kasturi, a professional WordPress development company in the USA presents flexible WordPress development services at cost-effective prices. Contact us if you want to upgrade your existing WordPress website, migrate your general website to the WordPress CMS platform, and/or design a brand new WordPress site in Texas.


WordPress Website Audit (SWOT)

Our WordPress web design and development process follows a rigorous website audit service to identify and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your existing WordPress website. Whether it needs unique content, theme upgrade, plugin installation/update, technical, security, or SEO help, we can cover these all efficiently.

Why Choose Digital Kasturi as Your WordPress Web Design Company

wordpress company

Multi-faceted WordPress Development Company

Ensure multi-faceted WordPress design and development services with Digital Kasturi, a professional WordPress development agency in the USA. avail of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more with our all-inclusive WordPress development service packages and experience a robust online presence for your business and site on search engine result pages.

Client Strategies

Dedicated WordPress Development Services

We design and develop WordPress websites keeping in mind the unique needs and goals of your business. You will get fully dedicated WordPress design and development services for your business once you hire us. At Digital Kasturi, we deliver excellence with experience that brings results. Our WordPress web design agency makes sure your site experiences increased leads, and sales with a robust identity.

sales focused

Build Sales-Focused WordPress Sites

The greatest benefit of working with Digital Kasturi is to avail your business of a full-service WordPress development company. Our WordPress designers and developers know how to build a sales-gripping WordPress site. We combine your digital marketing needs with the WordPress design and development process to ensure your business experiences traffic, leads, and sales with unique CTA buttons and a better page navigation experience for your users.


Proven Track Record

We don’t sell words but our works. Our works speak for your site and you will see your site growing while hiring us as your WordPress design and development partner. So far, we have served a large number of companies and helped them achieve their goals with WordPress design services and development processes. Our work portfolios are our credentials and our passion is our strength in delivering the best work.

Web analytics

Website Management & Analytics

We know, your website is the face of your business. Hence, we do regular website maintenance and management to keep your site free of technical glitches and SEO errors. We install advanced website analytics tools to track your site performance and generate reports that help us improve your SEO campaign success. WordPress developers at Digital Kasturi, keep a pulse on data accuracy for better WordPress website maintenance.

Always on-time

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

WordPress designers and developers at Digital Kasturi keep them updated with the very latest trends and tools to provide the best WordPress design and development services. We ensure your website always ranks top on the SERPs and provides insightful information to your users like an industry leader. We keep your site updated and outrank competitors by maintaining software updates, ADA guidelines, and the latest search engine algorithms,

Our WordPress Development Packages

Design and develop the SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive, and conversion-worthy WordPress site at Digital Kasturi and experience your business growth. We offer a myriad of WordPress design and development service packages aligned with your budget and needs. If you want a custom-curated package, our professional WordPress design and development service is here for your help. Pay for precisely what you require.

Standard WP Design


Local WP


Premium WP Design


Ultimate WP Design


Industries We Serve

For ten consecutive years, we have been in WordPress development services in the USA. We cater to the WordPress design and development needs of clients from various niches with great imprints. Our professional WordPress website design and development team comprises experts with years of experience, profound knowledge, and passion to design websites that magnet results. We work for diverse businesses including start-ups, SMEs, and big enterprises, and meet their WordPress website design objective efficiently.

Look at the industries we serve at Digital Kasturi with all-inclusive WordPress development services in the USA.

Healthcare Sites

Develop a conversion rate leveraging WordPress website through WordPress website experts at Digital Kasturi. Get your website found by potential customers with an SEO-friendly WordPress website.

Finance Sites

Expand your finance business with a traffic-driven WordPress website and let your Website be found easily on SERPs with a professional WordPress web design company in the USA.

Infrastructure Sites

Stay ahead of the curve with an ideal WordPress website befitting your infrastructure business needs and objectives in the USA. Get noticed by ideal customers and grow.

Business SEO

Business Sites

Connect more people and derive traffic to your business website by building a WordPress website with professional WordPress design and development services. Let your services/products be noticed through the WordPress site.

Real Estate SEO

Real Estate Sites

Create a custom and SEO-friendly real estate website on WordPress CMA through a professional WordPress design and development services agency in the USA, you can rely on.

Law-Firm SEO

Law Firm Sites

Design a business-centric WordPress Website for your law firm and let the traffic rain on your website. Use the right SEO tools and WordPress plugins and rank higher.

Photo studio SEO

Photo Studio Sites

Let people find your photography business easily by building a feature-rich and well-functional WordPress website at Digital Kasturi. Get connected with ideal customers through WordPress web development.

E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce Sites

Get a fully functional, feature-rich, and great UX and UI adhered e-commerce website design with custom WordPress development services at Digital Kasturi for your new/existing e-commerce site.

Roofing SEO

Roofing Sites

Get connected with potential customers looking for the roofing service you provide and fill your sales funnel with a higher conversion rate with WordPress Development Services USA.

Admin SEO

Admin Sites

Leverage your admin business with the right WordPress site that narrates your story and offerings to your potential customers effectively. Admin WordPress Website boosts your business effectively.

Entertainment SEO

Entertainment Sites

Build a great and super-functional WordPress website for your entertainment business and let your customers find your services with easy navigation offering a smooth user experience.

Automotive Sites

Expand your automotive business through a traffic-engaging and SEO-optimized WordPress website and promote a robust presence online with a higher rank on SERPs.

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Our company has claimed a success rate of over 90% for the web design and development services we have provided. 

What is a WordPress Plugin?

In the realm of WordPress, a WordPress plugin is a piece of code that helps add specific functionality to WordPress websites. Plugins help website owners improve the features of their websites offered by the original WordPress development services. When there are more than 59 thousand free WordPress plugins, you can also avail of paid plugins if your website needs them.

Is WordPress a Secure Website?

It is never too late to keep a pulse on WordPress security practices. However, WordPress is always a secure CMS as it suffers from very low critical and technical vulnerabilities. You can hire a professional WordPress design and development services company to keep a check on your WordPress security and maintenance as well. WordPress CMS platform gets updated 4-8 times a year anyhow. Hence, you can understand how secure it is to use a WordPress site.

Why Is WordPress Update Important?

Once you install updates for your WordPress website, the latest versions of WordPress help your site to become safe and free of bugs.  The updated installation keeps your site compatible with changes and ensures a better experience for your users. If you have no time to install updates, you better hire a professional WordPress web design agency to accomplish this important task. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your WordPress Site to PHP 8?

We would like to bring your attention to the information that from the 28th of November, 2022, PHP 7.4 has reached its end-of-life date. Meaning, that no PHP 7.4 WordPress site will receive critical support including patches, bug fixes, or any community updates. Hence, to your WordPress site safe from cyber-attacks upgrade it to PHP 8. Taking the help of a professional WordPress development company seems beneficial here. 

How Many WordPress Can I Have For My Business and How Does the WordPress Development Package Work On It?

Well, you can have as many WordPress websites as you desire. However, it is good to have a specific website for a specific business. And, when you want to buy a WordPress design and development service package for your website, you need to buy packages individually for each website. However, for combo WordPress website design and development services you need to talk to our WordPress web development consultant. 

Is It Possible to Migrate My Existing Website to WordPress?

Yes and absolutely, you can migrate your existing website (no matter what kind of site it is) to WordPress with migration service. There are different ways to migrate sites to WordPress. It is recommended to hire a professional WordPress web developer to do the job for you effortlessly. WordPress migration plugins work excellently in this matter. 

Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO?

When you are looking for a CMS platform with SEO-friendly features, WordPress is second to none. It provides you full control over your content, target keywords, and the design you want to go with. From creating permalink to managing metadata, optimizing images to ensure top loading page and more – everything you will get with a WordPress-built site.  All of these make WordPress the best for the SEO drive. 

How Does Your WordPress Blog Help Integrate Campaign with Social Media?

It is a valuable part to be introduced on social media platforms for businesses irrespective of niches these days. Your success in social media channels impacts your SEO ranking indirectly. WordPress offers the ability to create customized social media buttons for your blog and it makes it easier for your readers to share your content on social media channels. It is truly an impressive idea to start your social media campaign from right here. 

How Can I Create Backups for My WordPress Site?

You can back up your WordPress site data for free. You can do it manually or with a plugin. Go for the method that suits you the best. However, if you don’t want to take risks, you can hire a WordPress website expert like Digital Kasturi to do the job on your behalf safely and efficiently.

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